Superior Networking and System Management

VES LLC introduces VESNet™, the first fire alarm network built on the reliability of TCP/IP. VES LLC has harnessed the power of Internet technology in a way that allows you to now offer a networking solution that is flexible, powerful, easy to install and easy to service.

With our unique Single-Panel-Footprint, VESNet™ allows you to take on any size project. You can now install and maintain networks with up to 127 nodes, over 60,000 addresses, over 100,000 detection devices and 500 zones. Because of the technological advances of VESNet™, single panel programming is no more; you can now program the system as a single system. In the retrofit on the left, two eLAN panels were used in place of a big box. VESNet’s easy plug and play network allowed the network to be programmed remotely as a single system with no special software and no additional on site computers. VESNet™ is the perfect solution for the multi-family market.

VES_networkWhat Is VESNet™?

VESNet™, is a plug and play communications network that establishes a local, IP based, LAN for fire alarm systems to communicate and to access the Internet.

There is no need to program and download each network node or panel individually, which is cumbersome and time consuming. Now you can program your fire alarm system from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection and a standard web browser.

eSP Discovery™, and VESNet™ allow the system to be downloaded one time with all programming going through the media gateway card, inside the eLAN panel and is served to eLAN panels with NIC cards. The downloading of the system is done using our eSP Discovery™ program. It allows the operator to be in the “driver seat” to see the download as it happens and it gives you “green” lights during the process so that each line of programming can be confirmed as it happens. This also helps to facilitate network diagnostics in the unlikely event of a problem.

Why VESNet™?

  • Out performs RS485 in distance (up to 20 miles of CAT 5 cable), (up to 127 panels on a network, communicating at 115 Kbs)
  • Networking without a separate UL-computer
  • Plug and Play networking with no special software to load
  • Pure Peer-To-Peer Networking
  • All panels in the network fully programmable as a single system
  • Reset from any panel on the network
  • Easy Class A or Class B networking
  • Standard RJ45 Connectors
  • Industry Standard network testing equipment available

VESNet Class “A” Single Drop

  • Standard CAT 5 cable
  • Up to 2,000 FT between each Nodes
  • Up to 20 miles of cable
  • Programmable as a single system
  • Optional fibre optic configurations