eLAN RS 1 & 2 Loop Analog Addressable Control Panels

elan-rs_smallULstamp1VES LLC offers the first integrated product that can provide dealers with a comprehensive, cost-effective means of providing fire detection networks for businesses of any size.

eLAN VF1100 Series Fire Control Panels - Listed, UL 864, 9th edition. A single 4-loop eLAN™ Panel can provide up to 800 points of protection. Up to 127 2-loop or 4-loop panels can be networked together within the same system, up to 2000’ apart and 20 miles of cabling. Because every node is networked as one system, you receive detailed information down to every point.

    • Networked Releasing­ listed for one hazard per panel and up to 127 hazards per network
    • Suitable for pre-action, deluge and clean agent systems
    • Non Interlock, Single Interlock and Dual Interlock operation
    • Building system and releasing system combined to provide a high reliability system of analog addressable devices
    • Separate building and releasing panels may also be networked
    • Remote eSP programming with Central Station point and sub-point reporting for building and releasing panels
    • 52 Ahrs of charging capability with an additional 4 Amps of usable 24 Volt regulated power available
    • Supports one hazard releasing through a supervised panel output or a Solenoid Releasing Module (VF6006-00) on the SLC loop
    • Multiple VF6006-00s support with a single release command
    • Multi-tiered releasingSingle Zone multiple detector, Crossed Zoned and combination of detection and supervisionReleasing inputs on a single panel or multiple panels
    • Multi-tone capability on a NAC channel designed for releasing notification
    • Panels and LCD Displays display countdown time to release
  • Multiple releasing events accessible through event status
  • Test supervision of releasing solenoid with central station reporting
  • VESNet Remote LCD Displays may control releasing through soft key or configurable aux input
  • VESNet Remote LCD Display Soft keys change color when enabled
  • Multiple abort switches supported
  • Displays and external Abort/ Release switches are mapped for control of individual releasing operations on a panel
  • UL 864 9th Edition Listed

eLAN-A 2-4 Loop Panel Apollo Protocol